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heXpod MOD

Design/driving solution for octahedral hexapods.

"heXpod MOD" is a modified version of Thanos Stewart Platform Control Software.

Latest version of stand alone and .dll plugin for x-sim software is available in the download section.

This 6-dof software is working with TronicGR AMC1280usb board with or without the 6-DoF extension.

The purpose of this release is to propose to the user a geometrically precise 6-DoFof driving solution as well as a customizable and comprehensible design tool for hexapods equipped with crank levers.

Various limiting options, when properly set, will insure the best compromise between the maximal workspace and mechanical protection.

The "out of reach" feature will act like a geometrical guardian. In some circumstances, when combined DoF's occurs, will prevent a geometrically false dof response by simply stopping the whole motion.

Beside the standard parameters like crank lever length, leg length, base size and platform size, the heXpod MOD allows customized joint and motor spacing by modifying the x/y coordinates of the attachment points.

Being able to choose a customized placement and orientation of a crank levers and their starting position angle will allows you not only the possibility to fit exactly every existing design but will also provide a big flexibility while designing your own geometry.

Additionally, with the servo scaling and calibration feature you will be able to choose the best art of feedback sensing in order to get the maximum output.


- Understandable size values

- Possibility of saving and reading the optimized heave/surge offset

- 0 deg. servo orientation option

- Custom crank levers orientation by editing the .ini file (values in radians)

- Custom servo and upper joints spacing by editing the .ini file

- Servo calibration (scaling) feature by editing the .ini file

- Calibration of the servo starting position by editing the .ini file

- Lower range servo angle limiter

- Position of the cubes inside/outside


- Perspective reduced to minimum

- You can rotate the model with keyboard arrows keys

- Surge/sway sliders corrected

- Top of the cube colors corrected (red motor 1, orange motor 2)

- Corrected slider range

- Automatic .ini file reading




Please take all safety precautions while testing on a full scale model!


- In order to install the plugin, simply delete the old 6DOFsetup.ini file, then copy and replace the 6DOF.dll file in the X-Sim/Interfaceplugin folder



- In a full scale platform configuration, all values without degree symbol ( ° ) should be considered as centimeters except the platform/base size, which should be considered in meters

- The Platform/base size corresponds to the diameter of the circle, while drawing through all the 6 joints

- When modifying the size of the platform/base the spacing is modified proportionally (When the base size is set to 1.0, the default spacing between all 6 "centers of the servos" is 50cm. When the platform size is set to 1.0, the default spacing between the upper joints pairs is 10cm)

- After every geometrical modification, click the "optimize" button to get the corrected motion range

- In designs with "arms inside", in order to limit the negative servo range, you can set the radio button of the "servo limit" to “lower”. As the optimise feature in this case is inactive, you will have to apply the heave offset manually.

- To easy find out your platform’s height, you can measure your leg length from joint to joint, then press the "show" button in the GUI and move the "platform height" cursor until the "leg length" value fits your measurement

- If needed, you can correct the pitch symmetry by applying a surge offset in the .ini file


Instructions for customized spacing for “full scale” platforms

- Open a CAD project in millimeters.

- Draw the platform and base circles according to your real dimensions and apply your “attach points” following this pattern. (Fix the center of the circle coordinates at x0/y0)

- Simply divide the platform and base x/y coordinate’s values by factor x10 and copy them to the .ini file.

- Open the plugin GUI and press Read INI and Save INI - In the GUI, the platform/base size should be set to 1.00 and has to be considered as a size ratio

- In every design, you always have to take the "center of the servo" as the base attach points. To fit the 3d model properly, the easy way to find out your base size, is to draw a circle through your lower joints, when the crank levers are fully vertical

- For the small scale platforms, (up to 20cm), use the same procedure without applying the coordinate’s division factor. Your lever arm length, leg length, platform height, center of gravity and heave/surge offsets will be in millimeter


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