hexpod - six degrees of freedom

Parametrable inverse kinematic solution for stewart platforms




heXpod 6-DoF


Latest stand alone version for SimTools and the plugin for X-Sim software are available in the download section. This 6-dof software is compatible with TronicGR AMC1280usb Controller. The purpose of this release is to propose to the user a geometrically precise 6-DoF driving solution as well as a customizable and comprehensible design tool for hexapods equipped with crank levers or linear actuators. Various limiting options, when properly set, will ensure the best compromise between the maximal workspace and mechanical protection. The "out of reach" feature will act like a geometrical guardian. In some circumstances, when combined DoF's occurs, will prevent a geometrically false dof response by simply stopping the whole motion. Besides the standard parameters like crank lever length, leg length, the heXpod 6DoF allows customized joint and motor spacing by modifying the attachment points. Being able to choose a customized placement and orientation of crank levers and their starting position angle gives you not only the possibility to fit exactly every existing design but will also provide big flexibility while designing your own geometry. Additionally, with the servo scaling feature you will have the flexibility to fit better the art of your feedback sensors.



software in action

motion simulator based on thanos 6dof controller

Example with X-Sim:

Examples with SimTools:

SimTools - heXpod profile with roll-over feature for flight simulation.